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triple bottom line is a boutique firm providing coaching, talent consulting and diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) advisory services to organizations, leaders and individuals across the African Continent.

We help individuals, leaders and organizations across spaces to:

  1. understand their context;

  2. recognize the opportunities and obstacles facing them and

  3. leverage tools, resources, networks and their inherent skills and capabilities

to push for transformational growth and the improvement of livelihoods across the African continent.

how we work 

  • we see people as human beings not merely human resources;

  • Inclusion is the key to growth...  we advocate for it unapologetically;

  • no two organizations are the same - our solutions are designed for your reality;

  • context is essential - we strive to work as close to our client's site as possible;

  • there is an abundance of opportunities and we work in partnership to explore them all;



angela gachui

Founder & Chief People Person

Angela is a Certified Professional Coach (ICF-CPC), Talent Strategist and Diversity & Inclusion Champion. 

She is passionate about ensuring that all people have access to the opportunities that will enable them to fully realize their potential and unlock the pathway to a fulfilled professional and personal life.

Her professional experience spans across manufacturing, professional services, technology and development advisory sectors, as well as multiple geographies (US, Canada, Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania)

Angie is a musician, a budding painter, a foodie and an avid traveler.


partnership is a core value at triple bottom line. we work with others to ensure that our clients can get the support they need to achieve their goals. we are proud of our partners and look forward to growing.









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