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reviving passion

One thing that I have realized while being at home, is that I have a lot of stuff! When in my regular routine, I find that I can easily justify why I have it all, and even convince myself that I need one more dress, piece of jewellery or notebook (slightly obsessed with notebooks). But having been spending all this time at home, I realized that there is an excessive amount of stuff around me and the clutter was starting to clutter my mind. So - I started a Declutter Challenge last week, curated by Juliet Kiplagat - who is part of a Sister Circle that I belong to.

Going through one of my many 'Everything Drawers' - I came across an envelope that my mom had sent over. In it, were old report cards, certificates from Prize Giving Days (...keeping these so that when I am blessed with kids, I can show them that I did come Number 1 in a few classes) and loads of poems from as far back as the late 90s.

I read through some of the poems and had to triple check that I had actually written them...

They were raw, deep, passionate and full of reflection! The play on and with words... the imagery depicting exactly what I was feeling...and as a teenager - you know we felt a lot! I had distant memories of sitting and writing, re-writing, editing and even writing it on nice paper for keeps! I would get lost in words for hours on end.

Going through the stuff... I felt some sadness and regret

  • Where did that passion for expression go?

  • Why did I stop writing?

  • Why did I prevent myself from being vulnerable and putting those feelings into words?

  • When did I start overthinking it all?

Adulting is hard... and it seems like we are all on adulting-overdrive in the current situation. Thinking about our families, our careers, our employees, our finances, our health, the less fortunate, our leaders.. All very important things!

With adulting, many of us stopped doing things that we loved to do. We put aside our passions and talents, locked them away in drawers and boxes... and replaced them with the serious stuff. Forgetting that we can do both!

What a tragedy it is.. For the Creator to gift you with something that brings you joy, that allows you to freely express, that soothes your soul, that provides you with temporary escape from the 'real world', - and for you to let that gift sit dormant for years. Worse still... for you to deny the world the pleasure of that gift!

What is that thing that you used to be passionate about? What was that hobby? What was the activity that brought you joy and escape...but that you no longer have time for? What did people say you were really good at?

Was it Art? Cooking? Crochet? Fixing things? Sports? Public Speaking? Carpentry? Gardening? Music? Comedy? Pottery? DIY?

Do you remember how it felt when you were doing 'your thing'?

Imagine if you could feel that way again... even if just for a moment!

What is stopping you from taking your first step to Reviving your Passion?

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