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let's talk about time...

One thing is for sure....Covid-19 and its different lockdowns, directives and unexpected consequences; has made every single person, young or old; employed or retired; healthy or unwell; married or single; rich or poor..acutely more aware of time.

For some the days are flying by and for others they are painfully slow and for others they have bled into each other and it's hard to tell whether its Thursday afternoon or Sunday morning.

The tragedy would be for this period to pass and we did not take advantage of this 'different concept of time' and commit to investing in prioritizing those things that we "never had the time to get around to".

For me; this gift of time has allowed me to:

  • rest! i have chosen to prioritize mental and physical rest because my life can be quite hectic;

  • learn! whether via books, articles, webinars or even exploring short online courses;

  • create! i have started blogging, creating content and designing new programs/offerings for my clients;

  • express myself! i pulled out the canvases and the paintbrush and have re-activated my artistic expressions....

It's not been easy, but it hit me the other day... this too shall pass... and when it does, i want to be and need to be ready and equipped to pick up and push on full steam ahead. In this season, how can you make the most of your time? What are the things that you have been putting on hold, or procrastinating around? What might be preventing you from taking full advantage of this time and laying the foundation that will allow you to spring up, push forward and thrive... in these unsettling times and after?

I would love to talk to you about how you can get started on taking advantage of this time! I'd like to encourage you to connect with me here and you could receive a free 30-minute session with Coach Angie.

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