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wellness in the times of corona

The growing threat of Covid-19 on our global and local communities, means that Governments are beginning to put quite serious and drastic measures to limit the spread of this virus and flatten the curve. In addition to travel restrictions, event cancellations, school closures and remote working directives; we all have to figure out what social distancing looks and feels like.

As social creatures, whether introverted or extroverted, limiting our interactions with other human beings can be unsettling. Someone asked me today... how can we find some level of calm in this chaotic season with so much fear, unknown and panic?

Here are a few thoughts... I hope they help ;)

  1. Rest, Meditate, Pray and Practice Mindfulness - there is not much you can do about not being able to engage with others as much as you are used to. See this as an opportunity to disconnect externally and connect with yourself; mind, body and spirit... after all, you deserve it;

  2. Learn something new - With alot more time on our hands, this might just be the opportunity you have been looking for to break out of the daily routine and do something new. What hobby have you been putting on hold? Is it time to try cook that dish, paint that canvas, write that poem, op-ed or story? Maybe its time to put that green thumb to the test by setting up your kitchen garden. Whatever it is...get started, put your heart and mind and time towards it;

  3. Read - Many people set targets at the beginning of the year for the number of books they intend to read... I know I did. Truth of the matter is that after January, life and business picks up and the target can quickly be forgotten. With so much 'not so positive' news on the TV and social media, this could just be the perfect opportunity to switch off and start turning (or swiping) the pages of a book;

  4. Play - People! Adulting is hard... so this is a chance to play a little bit. If you are in a warm climate, take your choose off and run around in the sun. Laugh loudly, play board games, watch some comedy show or if you are like me, binge on Nollywood shows... whatever it is that you consider to be your form of play it, and choose happy!

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